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The Best Learning Questions for Ministers

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From time to time, fellow ministers or church staff teams will ask to spend a day at our church, visiting with our staff. Most often these people want to get another perspective of church and leadership. Occasionally, our staff will go to their churches and do the same. In most cases, both groups benefit. But in order to benefit, you have to be willing to ask questions.

Just this week, we had a visiting minister who joined us in our senior leadership team meeting and...more

The critical nature of staff orientation & 100 day reviews

©aleksandarfilip / Dollar Photo Club Everyone I know who does this, does it differently. But not everyone does this. When you don’t go through orientation and an early review, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to gather fresh ideas and insights. It allows you the opportunity to build relationships and ensures that everyone who works with you is on the same page. The first 100 days for a...more

What’s Wrong with Small Churches

  ©leekris / Dollar Photo Club Perhaps nothing. God uses small churches to do His work. Most of my readers are currently attending or have attended a small church. Some of those churches are effective, and some aren’t. Although there can be a correlation between ineffectiveness and small attendance, many times size is circumstantial. Therefore, a church’s effectiveness isn’t (and shouldn’t be) defined by their attendance. Many small churches...more

Dealing with church members who don’t like you

 ©luismolinero / Dollar Photo Club As a leader in the church, there will be times people don’t like you. Hopefully it’s that they don’t like decisions you made, rather than just not liking you – but I’ve experienced both. Have you? If so, you might have dealt with some of these questions: What should my response be? How should a church leader react? Is it my responsibility to remedy...more

A Better Question In a Performance Review

©Gajus/ Dollar Photo Club Do you want to know how your team really feels about their job? Your church? Or perhaps even how they feel about you as a supervisor? Knowing how your team “really” feels is critical to for your supervision, their development, and the success of your team (church). If you want to know the right answers, you have to ask the right questions. Even in a...more
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