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10 Ministry Books You Should Read. Want one?

In a previous post I named ten must read books for leading effectively in ministry. Now I’m giving them away. In three days I’ll  choose three winners, and those winners can choose which of the ten books they want and I’ll mail them a copy of the book.

You’re eligible to win if:

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If you’re selected, I’ll email you to get your book selection and address. Hope you win and choose your “must read” wisely.

Thanks for being a reader.

p.s. Emails...more

Small Church vs Big Church (size or health?)

  This is a guest post from Karl Vaters. Karl has passion for serving churches…specifically, “small churches.” I’ve really enjoyed his writing, and help he provides church leaders. Much of his content applies to ministers no matter their church size, but he’s committed to encouraging the small church. From the New Small Church website: Small Churches make up 80% – 90% of the known churches in the world, but are the subject of probably...more

Manziel or Manning Leadership In Church?

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto® Recently, our church has been in an unprecedented place. We have opportunities we’ve never had before. They’re God-given, but they’re also work – and in this particular instance, God didn’t really give us a heads-up so we could fully implement the work into our usual strategic plan. We’ve had to adapt, and use a different playbook than we’re used to. We’ve had to become like...more

Remedying Bad Meetings

There’s a lot of leadership talk about minimizing meetings. People “loathe” them and church staffs are not immune to this sentiment. I contend those who loathe them are used to bad meetings, but meetings can be good. If maximized, they can produce far greater results than an email or individual “offline” meetings ever can. But, it’s got to be a good meeting. I’m pro-meeting. Well, I’m pro-good meeting. If your...more

Creating A Church Personnel Budget

Whether the personnel portion of your church’s budget is $50,000, $500,000 or 5,000,000, it should have at its core, some common elements. If you’re involved in putting together your church’s personnel budget, here are key components and tactical steps you need to include (you can see it graphically here). Step 1 Know and show your personnel budget number for the current year (ex. $300,000). Step 2 Show any changes you’ve...more
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