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An Opportunity To Learn and Do Ministry


Earlier this week I wrote about the value of both seminary and ministry experience. What I didn’t mention in that blog is the growing number of ministry residencies available to those called to ministry.

Like in medical school, a residency gives you an in-depth look into local church ministry while providing relationships, group learning, and experience in doing ministry.

My church, Brentwood Baptist wants to develop church leaders, so we are launching The Ministry Residency at Brentwood Baptist in August.

The application process has begun and we want to find the right residents to...more

Seminary or Experience – which one’s best?

If you’re hiring a minister at your church, would you prefer they have three years of solid experience serving in a church, or is it more valuable to have a seminary degree? A seminary degree can indicate: They’ve shown they can complete something they started. Solid writing skills, which should translate well to ministry work. Commitment to a calling. No matter the degree program, seminary is a commitment of...more

Key Interview Component: the Cultural Call

Photo contributor: Grafner via iStockphoto® As a church, before you start asking a lot of interview questions of a ministerial candidate, first, talk about you. We recently hired a campus and teaching pastor for our newest regional campus. For this pastor, I followed the same selection process we use for all ministerial hires. In one of his last group interviews with us, he commented about one step in the section...more

Is Your Ministry Calling Too Comfortable?

How comfortable should you be, in the place you’ve been called? Every once in a while, God chooses to show me what my ministry-calling could look like…how uncomfortable it could be. He showed me once when I was interviewing with a church. On the weekend I was there for an interview, a 160 missionaries were being commissioned to international service. It put my “sacrifice” of moving 800 miles within my...more

When A Backward or Lateral Move Is Okay

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto® Church staff members aren’t exempt from a ladder-climbing mentality. We’re not exempt from wanting more pay or recognition. We’re not exempt, but we can’t allow that mentality to drive our decisions. As a Christian, and one whom has fully given your life’s vocation to Christ, , you must pursue and prioritize that calling first, and above all else. While living in Texas, I served a...more
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