Brian Dodridge

Surviving the Unexpected Time Consumers

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It’s happened to you. You had meetings planned, objectives to complete, and even a few “I hope to get to” projects in your head. You had scheduled them neatly on your calendar.

Then it happens.

Something outside your control enters your life, and messes with your best intentions. Your day is now subject to a sky-is-falling mentality.

Whether it’s a root canal, a funeral you must preach, your kid getting expelled, or a staff member who makes a really bad choice, we’re all faced with sky-falling, day-killing, time-eating, occurrences.

But those who steward...more

Well Timed Encouragement–the Leader’s Role

  My assistant knocked on my door and named the person on the phone who’d like to speak with me. I was awaiting a conference call and couldn’t take the call. But as I thought about why this person was calling, negative thoughts entered my mind. The person calling is a wonderful person who serves on a team leaders of our church who help govern our church. I’d been...more

Avoiding Decision Fatigue in Your Leadership

©UMB-O/ Dollar Photo Club Churches make bad decisions when church leaders have nothing left in the tank. It’s hard to run a race well, when you’re fatigued. Six years ago, my wife decided we should enter into a sprint triathlon (a sprint distance is far less grueling than the Olympic or Ironman versions). So we began our training together. She was committed until she learned that the swim portion...more

The Best Learning Questions for Ministers

©Marek / Dollar Photo Club From time to time, fellow ministers or church staff teams will ask to spend a day at our church, visiting with our staff. Most often these people want to get another perspective of church and leadership. Occasionally, our staff will go to their churches and do the same. In most cases, both groups benefit. But in order to benefit, you have to be willing...more

The critical nature of staff orientation & 100 day reviews

©aleksandarfilip / Dollar Photo Club Everyone I know who does this, does it differently. But not everyone does this. When you don’t go through orientation and an early review, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to gather fresh ideas and insights. It allows you the opportunity to build relationships and ensures that everyone who works with you is on the same page. The first 100 days for a...more
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