Brian Dodridge

Creating A Church Personnel Budget

Whether the personnel portion of your church’s budget is $50,000, $500,000 or 5,000,000, it should have at its core, some common elements.

If you’re involved in putting together your church’s personnel budget, here are key components and tactical steps you need to include (you can see it graphically here).

Know and show your personnel budget number for the current year (ex. $300,000).

Show any changes you’ve made to the budgeted amount throughout the current year (ex. you made a new hire and paid them $5,000 more than you had budgeted for the position. And you increased custodial hours from PT to FT, adding...more

When You’re an Inadequate Leader

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto® There are some days you’ll feel like an inadequate leader. Some days, it’s just something you feel – and other days, it’s a reality. In my library, I have just shy of 100 books on leadership. So, I know (or at least have read about) what it means to be an effective leader. I know what an effective leader looks like. And I also know...more

Designing Church Intern Programs

A ministry intern’s effectiveness is usually correlated to the effectiveness of the internship plan and supervisor. There’s been a lot written about how to properly use an intern to be both helpful to the intern and to your church. Without going into those pros and cons, let’s start at the foundation: designing an internship plan that will attract the best interns for your church’s situation. Not only for what an intern...more

A Critical Step in Hiring A Minister

The pause. The pause is relevant no matter how many ministers you hire. The pause is critical no matter your church’s governance model. The pause is a ‘must have’ no matter how long you’ve been hiring ministers. The pause is, in fact, a pause. After each step in your selection process with a minister candidate, you as a church leader need to ensure the decision maker or makers (hiring...more

When A Leader Should Confront

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto® One of the most important decisions a leader makes is when to confront someone they lead. Confrontation is not a bad word. From its Latin origin, it means to turn your face towards. (What is bad is to say confrontational things, in the form of an email or to a third person.) Confronting is an inevitable part of leadership. It’s part of keeping your church...more
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