Brian Dodridge

When A Backward or Lateral Move Is Okay

3D man climbing up the ladder
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Church staff members aren’t exempt from a ladder-climbing mentality. We’re not exempt from wanting more pay or recognition. We’re not exempt, but we can’t allow that mentality to drive our decisions.

As a Christian, and one whom has fully given your life’s vocation to Christ, , you must pursue and prioritize that calling first, and above all else.

While living in Texas, I served a great church as Executive Pastor. However, I felt like God had a different church for me to serve. The opportunity God...more

Honoring the Absent &Naming the Elephant

If a leader is unwilling to name the elephant in the room, yet is willing to name other people and their issues when they’re not in the room, he’s going to have trust issues… and likely dysfunction as well. At our church’s recent staff retreat, we heard from Dr. Bill Wilson, director for The Center for Healthy Churches, regarding the issue of trust amongst staff. Many insightful things were...more

Ego In Ministry

“Son, your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash.” This quote was a part of dressing down of Tom Cruise’s character, Maverick, in Top Gun. He saved someone’s life, albeit, while jeopardizing himself, others and a “thirty million dollar aircraft.” As church leaders, do we also need to be reminded of this? Jesus apparently seemed to think so, when He said, “Apart from me, you can do nothing.”...more

The Dangers in Changing Staff Positions

In meetings, the chair may only be 2-3 feet away. From your seat, their chair looks very similar to your chair. Their chair is in the same meeting as your chair. So, why can’t you sit in their chair? Just because it’s close to yours or looks fairly comfortable, it’s not the same chair. When you move chairs, you find out a lot. You find out the person sitting...more

Threatened By (the talent) Another Minister

There’s a danger when you hire someone to work alongside you. The danger increases when they have similar responsibilities to you or they report to you. And the danger is even greater when the person is talented. The danger: their work or they themselves get more attention than you do. What happens if their talent overshadows yours? What if their influence is greater than yours? What if church members or...more
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