Brian Dodridge

This Is Not My Favorite Thing To Do


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We all have tasks we don’t like in our life. Or, as I teach my kids to say about foods they don’t like — “it’s not my favorite.”

I did a ministry task this week I didn’t like. What about you? What church or ministry task don’t you like?

My task: determining closure of offices, and cancellation of ministry opportunities and Sunday services due to inclement weather.

Three days of ice and sub-20 degree temps is a big deal in middle Tennessee. Did I mention a closure meant closing...more

Interrupt! Avoiding the “confidentiality” Trap

©robodread / Dollar Photo Club “This is just between you and me.” Whoever might say this to you shouldn’t be able to dictate what is confidential without your buy-in. You need to get comfortable with interrupting people – at least in those moments when they come into your office and say “This is just between you and me.”, without you knowing what the topic is. Before you even have...more

3 Laws Every Minister Should Know

Any licensed and/or ordained minister needs to have working knowledge of three laws. And by working knowledge I mean: You’ve read the primary source of the laws You understand them You know how they apply to your church and your personal situation Some ministers choose not to investigate these laws because they can be confusing, and because once they’ve read them they’re responsible for obeying them. But those aren’t...more

Past & Present: Disqualifiers From Being Hired

  ©qingwa / Dollar Photo Club At some point in a minister hiring process, the question needs to be asked: is there anything in your present or in your past that could disqualify you from this position? And that question needs to be answered, fully. Many times, churches are afraid to ask that question. Their reasons might be: I like this person. I don’t care about their past –...more

Leave Your Pastor Alone! (On Sundays)

©xtock / Dollar Photo Club Usually about 7:30 a.m. each Sunday, he strolls into my office. Always his tie is loosened, and he’s drinking coffee out of his favorite mug. My pastor and I typically chat about just a few things during this weekly exchange. There might be a few comments on a weekend sporting event, or light discussion about what’s ahead of him for the day – but I...more
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