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When A Leader Should Confront

Business dispute

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One of the most important decisions a leader makes is when to confront someone they lead.

Confrontation is not a bad word. From its Latin origin, it means bad is to say confrontational things, in the form of an email or to a third person.) Confronting is an inevitable part of leadership. It’s part of keeping your church on mission. It’s part of developing others.

I’ve written previously on “saying the last 2%” once you’re in a confrontational or developmental conversation. But regardless of whether you’re saying 98%...more

Ministers and Image Management

How important is it to be perceived well by church members even it means you’re slightly inauthentic? Can you try to impress others and not sin? Are you simply creating a personal brand? I’ve written before about how managing your image with ministry peers and how it leads to church leader jealousy syndrome, but today I’m focused on the image management that occurs for the perception of church members....more

My Top Five Blog Posts for Readers

I’ve now been blogging a year. Below are the posts that received the most views, or based on feedback from readers, were the most helpful in providing practical takeaways for everyday church leadership. Thanks for being a reader. The hardest thing a leader has to say—the last 2% Succession planning for pastors (an interview with the Village Church) Coping with church leader jealously syndrome How to present a compelling...more

Chasing Cool & Appeasing Church Members

This past Christmas, I did something many parents have done. We got a dog. In many cases, this decision makes a family happy – but for us, it ended up being a regret. After multiple years of being asked by our children, I caved. It wasn’t without thought. I did my research. I chose wisely. But no amount of research or careful selection changed what I knew in my...more

The Minister Disconnect – An Interview with Eric Geiger

Until Eric Geiger’s move to Lifeway  just over two years ago, Eric had spent his career serving as a minister in the local church. With God’s blessing clearly evident on the work Eric was doing, he most recently served as an executive and teaching pastor at Christ Fellowship in the Miami area. Now Eric ministers to ministers as a Lifeway Vice-President, and leads its Church Resources Division. Through that role, his influence...more
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