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Why a Multisite Model with Multiple Preachers

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What’s best for you may not be best for others. That could be true of the following philosophy from Brentwood Baptist Church. However, I wanted to share with you why when Brentwood Baptist chose a multi-site model, we chose not to have video venues, but instead to have live preaching at each campus. Perhaps something from our thinking will resonate as you consider your church’s future.

The multi-site strategy for us took two years of R & D and then time...more

Wins and Mistakes in Planning Sabbaticals

If you’re lucky enough to earn a sabbatical, you want to make sure you take advantage of it. I’ve taken a sabbatical, but most of my opinions about them have been formed by talking to other ministers who came back from theirs and realized it wasn’t maximized, or was used the wrong way. As a free resource, you can view Brentwood Baptist’s documents related to sabbaticals, including these forms: Educational...more

Leading effectively (even if you’re outsmarted)

©Timothy Masters/ Dollar Photo Club IQ not high enough? Lack a special talent? Can’t woo a room with your command of the English language? Can’t connect all the dots from vision to strategy? If so, you’re not alone – and, these things don’t automatically disqualify you from leadership. You simply have to work more intentionally. Below are eight hints for leading effectively, even if you’re not the most effective...more

The Cost of ‘Arriving’ in Ministry

  ©iQoncept/ Dollar Photo Club Are you a better minister this year than you were last year? What are you doing to ensure you are? I believe Bill Hybels often asks the question, “Can you get just 5% better this year as a leader?” In his book, Elevate, Rich Horwath talks about the lack of intentional improvement amongst leaders. I think his ideas also apply to ministry leaders. Horwath...more

Why You Should Waste Church Resources

©ImagePixel/ Dollar Photo Club It’s hard to walk away from something that’s taken a significant investment of time and resources. But I’m learning in my position as executive pastor (and it’s likely applicable for other ministry leadership positions), the investment of time into things that never see the light of day is actually me doing my job effectively. I assume all leaders are frustrated by sunk costs. But, as ministry...more
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