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Essential Items For Your Meetings

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You know you need to bring your team together. There are several important things you need to accomplish in the meeting, but the bad news is you know the meeting will take at least two hours. Based on the meeting culture you have, people will loathe this. So, what can you do?

The answer: Have a great meeting. How do you do that? Mix it up. A meeting longer than 45 minutes needs to have 3-5 components within in to be rendered successful to the...more

Managing Our Image: Our ‘Deflate-Gate’

©pzphotos/ Dollar Photo Club What do you manipulate to gain an edge? It’s doubtful that you instruct an employee to deflate a football – and the things we do are likely not even clearly cheating. But, there are things we do or don’t do to impact people’s perceptions of us; Author and Pastor John Ortberg calls this image management. If you don’t follow the NFL, last year’s Super Bowl...more

Slowing Down to Minister (literally)

©RATOCA/ Dollar Photo Club Think about the pastor in your life who’s had the most profound effect on you. My hunch is that the person who popped into your brain influenced you not through their accomplishments, but rather, their presence. Pastors who can exhibit presence, despite all the things going on with them or the church, have a profound influence on people. How’s your pastoral presence? In my case...more

9 Questions/90 Seconds – My Reader Suvey?

©Web Buttons Inc/ Dollar Photo Club You’re why I write and I need your help. If you’d give me 90 seconds to complete my reader survey, it’d not only help me, but I’ll learn ways to better help you. The survey includes a few demographic questions and a few questions to help me find out what I can do to serve you best. It’s anonymous, quick, and I’d be grateful....more

Is Your Strategizing Akin to Penguin Mating?

©lanau/ Dollar Photo Club Do your team’s strategy sessions mimic the mating rituals of the Emperor penguin? In his book Elevate, Rich Horwath parallels strategy meetings and penguin mating rituals. Horwath describes how once annually the penguin will waddle up to 75 miles for a few minutes of mating. Then the female immediately leaves. In the same vein, many teams don’t talk strategy all year, but once a year, they...more
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