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Past & Present: Disqualifiers From Being Hired


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At some point in a minister hiring process, the question needs to be asked: is there anything in your present or in your past that could disqualify you from this position? And that question needs to be answered, fully.

Many times, churches are afraid to ask that question. Their reasons might be:

  • I like this person. I don’t care about their past – I only care how they’re living now.
  • They’re not being considered for the Supreme Court. Does our due...more

Leave Your Pastor Alone! (On Sundays)

©xtock / Dollar Photo Club Usually about 7:30 a.m. each Sunday, he strolls into my office. Always his tie is loosened, and he’s drinking coffee out of his favorite mug. My pastor and I typically chat about just a few things during this weekly exchange. There might be a few comments on a weekend sporting event, or light discussion about what’s ahead of him for the day – but I...more

How Much “Ministry” Should Be Shared With Family?

This is part two of “keeping your kids and your call to ministry.” Read part one here. As a minister, how much “work” should you discuss with your spouse? Are you a concealer, revealer, or spiller? Which one is the right way to be? I grew up in a pastor’s home. During my 17 years of marriage, I’ve worked in a ministry job. I’ve been mentored by and close...more

Keeping Your Kids And Your Call To Ministry

“Brian, they don’t care what happened at work. They don’t care that you’ve surpassed your 7,000 word allotment for the day, or that you could have worked three more hours and still left things undone. They care about you spending time with them.” This is often the speech I give myself as I pull into my cul-de-sac after work. In a two part blog, I wanted to give some...more

An Opportunity To Learn and Do Ministry

Earlier this week I wrote about the value of both seminary and ministry experience. What I didn’t mention in that blog is the growing number of ministry residencies available to those called to ministry. Like in medical school, a residency gives you an in-depth look into local church ministry while providing relationships, group learning, and experience in doing ministry. My church, Brentwood Baptist wants to develop church leaders, so...more
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