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My goal is to provide you with practical takeaways for everyday church leadership. I hope what I share is pragmatic and easily transferable to your leadership context.

You lead differently than me. Your church experience is different than mine. But I hope there are some leadership takeaways that will aid you in leading effectively and efficiently.

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More about my life and church leadership experience

I have benefited in ministry because people have taken the time to teach me. When I was five, my dad began his commitment to vocational ministry. That meant leaving our Arizona home and heading to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (where I also would later attend) in Fort Worth, TX. As my dad learned ministry, I learned ministry.

Sometimes it was formally taught, but mostly it was imparted to me by his example. Because he was older and more mature when he accepted his call, he was serious about making up for lost time. Today my dad, who is beyond retirement age, still faithfully and effectively leads a church in Tempe, AZ, named CrossPoinTempe.

After falling for a gal named Deanna as a junior in high school, I decided to marry her (it took four years of dating). I have had the rare privilege of finding a best friend, falling in love with her, and marrying her.

Just a couple months into our relationship, while 16 years old, I said “yes” to God. I felt very clearly that He wanted me to commit my life to serving him in ministry. That’s not too odd, but what is odd is me marching to Deanna’s door, and through tears (I was scared to death of God’s calling), blurting out “You’re not going to want to marry me. I am not going to have any money. I’m going to be a minister!” I am sure she was shocked and thinking to herself, “Marriage? You haven’t even said ‘I love you.’” However, God knew some things that we could not. She has been an awesome wife and ministry partner.



Pursuing that call included earning a degree. So, off we went to Grand Canyon University (not in the actual Grand Canyon) for college. While in Phoenix, I gained an internship at North Phoenix Baptist Church. This is where another group of people taught me about life and ministry.

Pastor Dan Yeary and many other staff mentored me and gave me invaluable experiences serving students. With each responsibility, they took the time to teach me. When I finished college, it was time for seminary. Deanna and I moved 1,000 miles away to Texas.

I began seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I graduated four years later with a Master’s degree in Christian Education. While attending there, I served a church staff.

Thanks to a few phone calls from the North Phoenix staff, I was able to serve First Baptist Lewisville, Texas as Associate Student Minister. Within 15 months, that role became Associate Pastor. In that position, I lead the Education team. From day one, I supervised staff ministers who were older, more educated, and more experienced in ministry than me. But my pastor, Stephen Hatfield trusted me. Through a lot of learning from his own mistakes, Stephen took the time to teach me ministry. That led to my serving as his Executive Pastor for my last three years in Lewisville.

Thirteen years after arriving there, God called me to Brentwood, Tennessee, where I currently serve as Executive Pastor at Brentwood Baptist Church. Once again, I am blessed here to be able to learn from and do ministry with really committed Christians, who wield their competencies powerfully to make Kingdom impact.

In between the moves and the job changes, God has blessed and provided Deanna and me with four children. They are ages 9, 6, 3 and 1. My three daughters and one son bring a special joy to my life. Their mom and I love parenting.


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