Below you’ll find free resources I’ve posted and described in previous posts. You can click on the actual resource and next to each resource is the link to the post which will provide context for the resource.

I hope the resources might spur an idea for you, give you a template for creating your own, or simply provide another view on how to accomplish ministry in everyday church leadership.


Staff Meeting Newsletter Sample, The Office

Sample Output Meeting Agenda

Sample Meeting Agenda


Sample Position Profile for Minister

Minister Onboarding and Orientation Task Template

Non-Ministerial Onboarding and Orientation Template

100 Day Review Template

Employee Offboarding Tasks Template

Exit Interview Template


Sample Budget Brochure and Video

Creating a Church Personnel Budget


Educational Assistance Opportunities and Sabbatical Guidelines

Sabbatical Request Form

Sabbatical Proposal Form

Sabbatical Report Form


Staffing Model

Wedding Checklist

Intellectual Property Policy (Abridged)

IP Buckets Examples

IP policy in personnel manual

Brentwood Baptist Style Guide

Preaching Team – Points of Excellence

Spiritual Retreat for Ministers Best Practices

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