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Free On-Site Training & Coaching for Your Church

In the first quarter of 2017, I’m calendaring an in-person consulting time for a church. I will do these at zero cost* for the church I select (I’m grateful for serving a church who wants to serve other churches and allows for this).

If you’re interested for your church…

Consider  the “practical takeaways for everyday church leadership” topics I’ve blogged about at Brian Dodridge.com, and if you feel I may helpful to you as a church leader, to your leadership team, or perhaps to a larger group within your church—I’d be honored to consider a day long or day and half long trip to your church.

My selection of the churches to consult will be based on:

  • Your preferred date of consulting time working on my calendar
  • My assessment of whether I can be of help to you in your ministry context
  • Perhaps geography (I’m open to long U.S. travel if I believe it’s a good use of time)
  • And there will be preference given to those who subscribe to my weekly blog


If you’d like to submit a request that would occur January-April in 2017, email me and respond to the following:

Who: (church/organization and website if you have one)
What: (preferred topic[s])
When: preferred dates
Where: (geographically)
Why: (Why you feel you could use the help/outside perspective—just an idea is fine, it doesn’t need to be lengthy)

I’ll follow-up with all who submit a request within three weeks.

*If I agree to serve you in this way, there will be no financial cost to you, nor will it be accepted.

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Leadership and Art — A resource

Throughout my life, there’ve been many people who have positively influenced my work in the local church. My dad was the first (serving as pastor), and I’ve continued to be around great people all my life who have served as supervisors and mentors. The last two years I’ve been influenced by Jim Baker (@SacredStructures).

Jim was serving at Brentwood Baptist as Executive Pastor when I first became connected with them. The context of my first interaction with Jim was this discussion: the idea that I might come and serve alongside him at the church. In that first conversation, he began to teach me.

For almost two years, I’ve had a front-row seat to witness his excellent leadership. Selfishly, I’ve enjoyed being the primary focus of his development.  But now I’m going to have to share him. Jim and his wife (Lisa) are beginning a new adventure, where they can enjoy some of retirement’s benefits while devoting more time to things they love… art, and the development of others.

Lisa will continue her ministry as a spiritual coach (The Sacred Within), and Jim has begun a ministry called ‘Sacred Structures’. (One element of Jim’s ministry is his art… and not just any art. Trust me – you should see what he can do with biblical metaphors.)

With the launch of ‘Sacred Structures’, Jim now will have the ability to influence even more churches through consulting. Like Jim himself, his website hosts a vast array of resources. If you serve a church and want to improve as a spiritual leader, I suggest at a minimum that you check out his website.

I’ve benefited greatly from Jim’s influence, and I hope he can have a similar influence on you.

Jim’s website: Sacred Structures, Organizational Tools and Resources for Minister and the Churches they serve.

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