6 posts with "practical takeaways" for church leaders

I’ve now been blogging for six months. While I hope most of my posts provide “practical takeaways for church leaders,” some are more conducive to action than others. I’ve also learned from readers what posts have allowed for immediate application in church leadership.

In no particular order here are six posts with practical takeaways:

  1. Church Crisis and The Media http://bbapt.us/1k5XI9K
  2. Staff Succession Planning (interview with Josh Patterson of The Village Church) http://bbapt.us/1dqJa2P
  3. How to Visit Churches to Worship and Not Compare http://bbapt.us/Hy3SDf
  4. Meetings: Being Prepared But Saying The Least http://bbapt.us/1cJyAUV
  5. Effectively Encouraging Those Around You http://bbapt.us/1c6kZ9r
  6. Dealing With Employees Who Are Late to Work and Meetings http://bbapt.us/19BR5fV

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