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The Losses of Choosing Efficiency over Excellence

There are people who can both be efficient and excellent in all things. I’m not one of those people.

For the rest of us, either efficiency or excellence becomes the leading edge by which you accomplish work, and the other, well, it lags behind.

My wiring has me leaning toward efficiency. I can’t help but think about how to make things efficient. Although I’ve never worked in the food industry, I’m always designing ways in my head for food industry workers to improve their efficiency (I rarely actually tell them my ideas, but when I do, my wife, with both efficiency and excellence, gives me the evil eye).

As leaders in the church, we want excellence in our pursuit of glorifying God. But we want to do that being efficient with the resources of people, time, and money God has given us to do the work. The resources we have are limited, and we want them to go as far as possible.

We want both excellence and efficiency, but usually one or the other is the clear winner. One tends to take precedent over the other (intentionally or unintentionally).

Which way do you lean?

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