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Avoiding Decision Fatigue in Your Leadership

Churches make bad decisions when church leaders have nothing left in the tank. It’s hard to run a race well, when you’re fatigued.

Six years ago, my wife decided we should enter into a sprint triathlon (a sprint distance is far less grueling than the Olympic or Ironman versions).

So we began our training together. She was committed until she learned that the swim portion of the race was to be in open water… “open” meaning a deep, dark, Texas lake full of fish.

Nevertheless, Triathlon day finally arrived. When the horn blew, we sprinted off into the water for the half-mile swim. Swimming wasn’t the hard part. Swimming while getting kicked, and swallowing grotesque lake water from everyone’s arm-flapping wake was. It took significant energy just to complete the swim, which was only the first third of the race. I used most of my energy trying not to drown, and when I finally stammered onto the beach, I realized most of the race was still ahead of me.

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