Dings In Your Leadership

“Sudden braking…quick acceleration…distracted driving…high speeds.”

These are all areas I’ve been “dinged on” in the past weeks using my insurance’s app for monitoring safe driving. Theoretically, by using it and showing my insurance company how good a driver I am, I will receive a discount.

But the app’s feedback is quite humbling.

What if we had an app that “dinged” our ministry leadership in real-time?

Who gets real-time interaction with your ministry leadership and also has a way to record your ministry leadership dings?

Maybe you’ve been doing ministry and leadership for a long time and feel you’re beyond the learning curve—perhaps you’re ding proof.

Or perhaps, you’re like me and realizing my years of driving experience doesn’t equate to driving mistakes.

What if after you led a church meeting you got scores measuring your ability to stay on task? Your inclusiveness of others? Your clarity with the messaging? Or with a sermon…your clarity? Your adherence to the Bible? Your articulation of a clear next step?

I believe some real-time and unfiltered scoring could improve our ministry leadership.

Do you have someone you can count on to give you unfiltered feedback?

You’re going to have ask someone for it and ask for it in a way they know you really do want it and you really do expect some critical feedback (hopefully along with some positive feedback).

I realize this can (and should) be done in some sort of performance management system. But I’m talking about something simple. There’s something really helpful about the real-time and informal feedback like I’m describing.

With the driving accountability tracking I’m using my driving score is improving. Just knowing I’m being monitored and that I’m going to see the results has made me conscientiousness about my acceleration, my braking, and my “distracted driving.”

If you’re willing to be “dinged,” find your version of an app scorer and look to see how some mild adjustments can make you a more effective leader.

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